Sagrada Familia in Barcelona: Know before you go

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is an absolute must-see.

The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona is an iconic church and an absolute must-see in Spain.

But here’s what you should know before you go:

1. It’s definitely worth the price to go up one of the towers. The Passion Tower has the best views of the city of Barcelona. But be aware: While you’ll take the elevator to the top, you’ll need to walk down a ton of winding, narrow stairs with no guardrail. Why yes, I was freaked out!
The stunning interior of the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona.

2. The blue/green stained glass on one side of the church, and the orange/red stained glass on the other side were designed this way to symbolize the rising and setting sun.

3. There are no indoor bathrooms here, only porta potties. Plan your liquids ingestion wisely and use a bathroom in one of the many restaurants around the church first.

4. You’ll never get a good shot in front of the Sagrada Familia because, tourists! Instead, head to the park in front of the Sagrada and use the trees here to hide all the people. You’ll get a beautiful shot of foliage with the towers of the Sagrada emerging behind it – and no people.

5. Skip the guided tour! Just use the free app tour that’s included with your ticket. The tour is incredibly dull unless you love lots of Wikipedia-like info about the statues on the exterior of the building.

View of Barcelona from the Passion Tower at the Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
View of Barcelona from the Passion Tower at the Sagrada Familia.