Is cruise food good? 7 more menus from Celebrity Cruises' main dining room

Is cruise food good? 7 more menus from Celebrity Cruises' main dining room

Is cruise food really all that good? If you're on a Celebrity cruise, the short answer is YES.

I recently went on my second Celebrity cruise in 11 months (Vancouver to Alaska, round-trip on the Eclipse) and happily discovered that the food was every bit as good as I remembered.

(In between my two Celebrity cruises I went on a Princess cruise (Ruby, Mexican Riviera) but I still need to blog those menus. Frankly, Princess' buffet was lacking, IMO, but its main dining room menu was nearly as good as Celebrity's.)

Here are 7 more menus from Celebrity's main dining room ... more specifically, this is what I ate for supper while on my cruise. The items marked Timeless Starters and Timeless Entrees were available every night; the rest of the menu changed nightly.

Before we get to the food, though, let's take a moment to talk about the dress code in the main dining room. Celebrity has relaxed its code and the two dress-up evenings on a seven-night cruise call for Evening Chic wear.

Now, there seems to always be a lot of discussion about what constitutes "Evening Chic." My advice is, don't stress about it. Dress like you're going to have supper at a nice restaurant. Bring a pair of black pants (I like to bring my stretchiest pants), black sparkly top, dangly earrings and blingy sandals, and you're set. Wear the same outfit both nights; no one will notice!

And just in case you're still worried about the dress code, here is the description straight from Celebrity:

Now, on to the food.

Day 1

Organic Roasted Red Beets

Oven Roasted Jerk Spiced Chicken

Warm Banana Blueberry Crumble

Day 2

Smoked Seafood Cake

Roasted Colorado Rack of Lamb

Phyllo Dough Tulip

Day 3

Chilled Shrimp Cocktail

Mediterranean Seafood Orzo

Cherries Jubilee

Day 4

Wedge Salad

Crab Crusted Cape Hake

My husband had the Slow Braised Lamb Wrapped in Phyllo.

Peach Clafoutis

Day 5

Seafood Rockefeller

Broiled Lobster Tail

Celebrity Signature Baked Alaska

Day 6

I had supper at Qsine on this night BUT I still went by the main dining room to take a photo of the menu. No MDR food photos for this night, though, obviously. (However, more to come my Le Petit Chef supper later.)

Day 7

Baked French Onion Soup

Barolo Braised Beef Short Ribs

Sadly, I was so excited to dig into my Creme Brulee that I didn't take a photo! But it was superb.

So, if you've wondered what cruise food is like ... well, as you can clearly see, on a Celebrity ship, it's fabulous. 

If you're a frequent cruiser, lucky you. If you're thinking about going on your first cruise, go! And enjoy your suppers.