Travel, but better: 6 items I won't leave home without

Travel but better: 6 things I won't leave home without

Even when I’ll be travelling carry-on only, there are some items I won’t leave home without.

What are your travel must-haves?


I’ve just purchased a new cross-body travel purse from Travelon that I adore: Among its many features, I especially love the numerous RFID slots for a passport and credit cards, as well as the locking compartments.


On my last trip, I splurged for a hat clip and it was the best thing I’ve ever bought. No more worrying about where my hat was — it was always clipped to my bag. I love being hands-free! Are you Yea or Nay on hat clips?


These are an update from fanny packs — remember those? — and I think they’re the best thing ever for the days you don’t want a purse. My $20 Uniqlo belt bag is the perfect size to hold euros & ID, lip balm, sunglasses, a small water bottle and a phone charger.


Speaking of! If you shoot a lot of video, your phone will drain unbelievably quickly. My Anker portable charger has saved me many times over.


I love Merino wool for travelling. It’s thin but so warm, never wrinkly, never smelly and looks amazing. I have three sweaters as well as Merino socks, and I’m working on building my Merino wardrobe further. What’s your travel fabric of choice?


I’ll never travel without a phone lanyard again. My phone stays around my neck and is easily accessible every time I want to take a photo. Just make sure the lanyard is adjustable so it doesn’t flap annoyingly against you as you’re walking. (Ask me how I know this!)