Travel, but better:
My top 6 must-haves

Top travel essentials no matter where you're going

I would be so lost without these “musts.” What are your travel essentials?

📱 AirTags: I used these for the first time on my last trip and loved being able to track my luggage on my phone. But did you know there’s another great way to use them? They’re really handy for getting you back to your hotel when all the strange streets can look the same.

☁️ iCloud storage: Did you know 200 GB costs just $3.99 CAD/month? I’ve saved myself a ton of grief by paying this small amount and having enough room for all of my photos and videos.

⚡️ Power bank: I cannot imagine travelling without my portable charger; shooting videos uses up so much juice.

👂🏻 Cheapo bluetooth earbuds: Because I’m paranoid about losing things, I keep my Airpods at home but have bought Anker bluetooth earbuds for travel. >> I’m thinking about buying a bluetooth transmitter so I can watch airplane movies with my earbuds. Do you have one of these transmitters and is it worth the cost?

💦 Empty water bottle: I fill this up after clearing security. I’ve found most restaurants and lounges will fill your bottle with water and ice, if you’ve eaten there. There are also numerous water refilling stations in airports.

📚 Reading app on phone: I don’t read a lot while on vacation so rather than carry an ereader or book, I have three apps on my phone: Libby, Kobo and Kindle.

1️⃣ Pickpocket-proof crossbody bag with anti-slash straps and locking compartments
2️⃣ Universal adaptor. The ones I have right now are continent-specific
3️⃣ Bluetooth transmitter so I can watch airplane movies with my wireless earbuds