Virgin River:
The real ‘Jack’s Bar’

Did you know that Virgin River is filmed in Vancouver? I live here and, over time, have been visiting a few of the filming sites.

A few weeks ago I had lunch at the restaurant that doubles as Jack’s Bar; here are some photos from that visit.

Jack’s Bar is really the Watershed Grill, a wonderful restaurant in the picturesque town of Squamish about an hour’s drive north of Vancouver.

Here is another view of the restaurant.

This is the real interior of Jack’s Bar. There’s another room with seating to the right of this one, and a covered patio to the left. The bar in the show is a set.

Here’s the covered patio at the restaurant, with the tables socially distanced. This is the part that can sometimes be seen in the show as people enter the bar.

The scenic Squamish River that’s at the front of the restaurant.

Here’s the side of the restaurant that faces the street (actually a secondary highway).

I had an amazing beer-battered fish and chips. Even the chips were beer-battered.

My husband loved his bacon cheeseburger.

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