Should I get Celebrity
Cruises' drinks package?

Should you get the pricey drinks package on a Celebrity Cruises’ ship? This post will help you to do the math.

I hear this all the time from cruisers, even the experienced ones: "Is it worth the money to get the drinks package?"

Obviously, it depends on how much you drink. If you're sailing on a Celebrity ship, this post will help you decide what to do.

Here are Celebrity's drink package prices.

And here's what you'll get in each package. *Prices are accurate as of August 2019.

Celebrity Cruises alcohol menu

Celebrity Cruises premium drinks package

If you're trying to decide if a drink package is worth it for you, this is what you'll pay per drink:

Celebrity Cruises cocktails

Celebrity Cruises cocktails

Celebrity Cruises beer menu

Celebrity Cruises wine menu

If you're not sure, you can also buy a drink card midway through your cruise:

Celebrity Cruises drink card

Finally, if you decide coffees are the way to go, here are the prices:

Celebrity Cruises coffee menu

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