Book review: The Flatshare

Book review: The Flatshare

What if you had a roommate whom you'd never met, but could discern the kind of day he was having by the notes he left or the supper he cooked, or whether he had washed his coffee cup?

Because Tiffy has an insane ex and Leon is temporarily broke, the two strangers agree to share a single bed flat, which they can do because they work opposite shifts. Implausible, yes, but I totally bought into it.

The Flatshare is told from the two characters' POVs and even though quirky Leon speaks/writes without pronouns or articles for most of the book, the story is engaging and lots of fun. Tiffy is bold and vivid, Leon is a kind and gentle person that one falls in love with almost immediately, and the secondary characters are fantastic. I think we need a next book, about Richie and Rachel!

One of my favourites this year.

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