Book review: Island Affair

Island Affair is an easy breezy read centred around a fake fiance trope, but in it I also found a story of love and hope and so many more elements that offer comfort and reassurance. And I really needed that in these crazy times! That the story is set in lush, tropical Key West is the cherry on top of a delightful summertime confection.

Sara Vance is a social media influencer who's in recovery from personal health issues when she's blindsided by a deadbeat boyfriend who jams out on a Florida vacation with her family. The "fiance," Luis Navarro, is a firefighter paramedic who's the silent and hot type but battling his own problems, who for reasons of his own agrees to play the part of Sara's fiance. Both the Vance and the Navarro families have complicated dynamics they're struggling with as well. There are definitely lots of issues here that need working through.

We all know how the love story will be resolved, but the fun is in reading how the real relationship gains traction while the deception is carried out. Sara and Luis's back-and-forth rang true for me, and I was moved reading about Luis's Cuban familia and the universe that author Priscilla Oliveras created for this series. There's sweetness and steam and so much love on numerous levels, and I can't wait to read the next book.

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